Why Vegans Live Longer – And Fruitarians, Too!

Vegans Live LongerMore than half of Americans do not eat a single serving of fruit, vegetables or fruit juice on any given day. And less than 10 percent eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day…

…and the rest of the world are being influenced!

That’s an alarming rate.

Although this website is all about food supplements, I want to take this opportunity of educating people about the better option of including fruits and vegetables in their diet.

Did You Know That Vegans Live Longer?

Seventh Day Adventists are known for their longevity because of their being vegetarians or fruitarians. I am an SDA myself, and I will admit that I am no longer disciplined to follow what are being advised to us.

LongevityMost of us now are compromising our strict diet to what the world have.

Did you know that in a recent study, according to a large scale study of 27,530 persons, death rates climbed along with the increased consumption of meat and poultry?

I think, if we can go back to what it used to be, then we can live longer again.

There’s a striking fact that among men, those who had become vegetarians at an early age were less apt to die of heart disease and cancer.

How A Diet Full of Vegetables Can Help

The astonishing powers of fruits and vegetables in stemming out free radical damage have been widely documented. Aside from fibers, they are powerhouses of potent antioxidants that fight away free radicals.

Let me share a few…

  1. Vegetarian DietBlocks Cancer. By regularly eating fruits and vegetables, you can slash your chance of getting cancer by half. Eat food particularly rich in beta carotene (carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and green leafy vegetables).
  2. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can save you from heart attacks and strokes, as your consumption of cholesterol-rich food is lowered.
  3. Preserves Mental and Physical Abilities. Lycopene in tomatoes and folic acid in green leafy vegetables can help in preserving mental faculties and may even help in dealing with depression.
  4. Saves Eyesight. Carotenoids, Vitamin C, and folic acid, all of which are rich in fruits and vegetables, seem to fight free radicals that damage the opacity of the lens known as cataract. To be more specific, Spinach seems to have special vision-protecting powers.
  5. Gets Rid of Harmful Type of Estrogen in Women. Vegetables, particularly Broccoli, can help women prevent cancers of the reproductive system as harmful type of estrogen is being neutralized.

Fruits With High Level of Antioxidants

Eating vegetables alone is not enough. We must include fruits as well.

Let’s have a few examples…

  1. Fruit BasketAvocado. Did you know that the master antioxidant “glutathione” exists in abundance with this fruit? Add to that, this fruit is also rich in good fats. Eating avocados can help lowers and improve blood cholesterol problems, plus, this fruit also contains blood-vessel protective potassium.
  2. Berries. Blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries—they are all loaded with antioxidants to help you cells fight free radical damage and premature aging. Berries are particularly known for their being rich in antioxidant Vitamin C, which is a immune-booster.
  3. Citrus Fruits. Oranges in particular, is so full of antioxidants that it was called “a complete package of natural anticancer inhibitors”. It contains carotenoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and Vitamin C.
  4. Grapes. It contains 20 known antioxidants that work together to fend off free radicals that cause cancer, premature aging and other dreaded diseases. One of them is the anti aging substance “quercetin”.
  5. Tomatoes. Most of us are familiar with antioxidant lycopene. Cooking and canning tomatoes do not destroy lycopene. That makes tomato juice, canned tomatoes, and all kinds of tomato sauces used in our kitchens good source of lycopene.

Why Vegans and Fruitarians Age More Slowly

Why Vegans Live LongerFirst, they have much higher levels of plant antioxidants in their bloodstreams that ward off free radicals that are causing cell damage leading to cancer and premature aging.

As Jethro Kloss of Back to Eden has said, “If only are bloodstreams are pure, no cancer cells would ever survive in our system.”

Second, they have more feisty immune systems to ward off infections and other immune-related diseases, and that includes cancer.

Third, since they take lower amount of meat which mostly are rich in Iron, it prevents them from taking in Iron that encourages cells-destroying free radical activity.

Fourth, since there’s already a bulk of vegetables and fruits taken, they usually feel full with these diet. Thus, eating fewer calories and lower amounts of dangerous fats.


Food SupplementsThere is nowhere you can get any product like a food supplement that can take the place of fruits and vegetables. This is the reason why, although this website is about supplements, this article was featured.

Have a plate full of countless known and unknown substances that transform your cells into a might fortresses against infections and free radical damage.

If you need further education, or some guide to help you in planning your meals, leave a comment below. Or contact us and we will gladly refer you to resources that can help.

4 thoughts on “Why Vegans Live Longer – And Fruitarians, Too!

  1. Honestly, I have stayed in a college hostel and I remember what not eating fruits and vegetables on a day to day basis can do to your health.
    I used to constantly fall ill and feel weak all the time, I think it is very important to eat fruits and vegetables at least once per day and I am going to make it a habit for myself this year in order to stay healthy.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. And yes, please continue that good health habit of eating vegetables and fruits daily. If you can’t follow a strict vegan diet, then perhaps eating lots of them and lesser of meat, will be okay.

  2. Great article!

    There was a time where I ate just awful. Although the current American diet is worse than the awful eating I did for years.

    Your article is so revealing of the issues that we are either part of the solution of part of the problem.

    Since eating fruits & vegetables exclusively my body has responded exceeding well. I work out heavy extensively and the anti-oxidants have eliminated the pain after heavy workouts.

    This is the way to go?

    How long have you been eating this way?

    1. Since childhood.

      I grew up in a family of Seventh Day Adventists, and my grandfather was an old-school man he advocates diet and lifestyle that are like those in the days of Methuselah, the oldest man ever lived according to the records of the Bible.

      My mother left us to our grandfather to work in her business. And like any old-school grandfathers out there, he was a disciplinarian. Everyday, there were sermons. lol

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