Happening Now: Antioxidants vs Free Radicals

Antioxidants vs Free RadicalsAre you aware there’s a big bout happening inside your body? This is a big, but silent bout. Free radicals vs antioxidants, and whoever wins dictates what will be the status of your health.

This is not to frighten you, but to aware you that you need to pay attention.

A lot of people neglect taking care of their health, especially the young ones. I noticed that while conducting a business opportunity seminar for a direct selling company marketing food supplements.

The seminar was divided into two parts: First part discussing health problems and solutions; the second part, about the income opportunity.

I noticed, there were few people interested about the health topics… but when the income opportunity seminar starts, the room gets filled with eager audiences.


Let me tell you this…

The dreaded diseases that you see killing people now, like Cancer, Leukemia, and other non-communicable but terminal illnesses, they started in the body way before they are diagnosed.

How did they start?

One probability of this is, through our cells.

Our cells are the tiniest part of our body, and it is composed of atoms or group of atoms bound together. With increasing interest in free radicals, maybe a lot of you are now familiar with this thing. But for the sake of the “first timers”, let me explain a bit…

Free radicals are atoms or a group of atoms with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons. These free moving electrons, usually interact with other molecules or substances in our body, to produce free radicals. Once formed, these highly reactive substances can start a chain reaction and often cause alteration of normal cells in our body.

Aren’t Cancer cells classified as “abnormal cells”?

So, you probably now have a slight idea how Cancer cells are formed.


Here we go…

When I was doing research and lecture about this thing, I was overwhelmed. Even though I am familiar with chemistry as my educational background is Pharmacy, free radicals were not discussed extensively in our subjects.

That aroused my desire to simplify the explanation.

Although it is always a struggle to simplify these things so that the masses can easily understand them and take action for themselves, I think we can only make it a bit easier to understand.

Free radicals are formed inside our body, they are not inhaled or injested.

Catalysts in Producing Free RadicalsWhat we intake, inhale, or injest… are the ones that catalyze the forming of free radicals. The body has a natural way of responding to toxins that are coming in, thus forming free radicals. Like for example, excessive exposure to pollution or chemicals can induce the body to produce high level of free radicals.

Add to that, emotional stress. It can also trigger the production of harmful free radicals.


Antioxidants are molecules which can safely interact with free radicals and terminate the chain reaction before cells are damaged.

Naturally, our body has enzymes that scavenge or cleanse away free radicals. That is, if your body is still functioning at its best.

But what if it has been overwhelmed by damage and aging?

We must put up these defenses:

  1. The first defense is to eat plenty of antioxidants, flooding your bloodstream and hence your cells with neutralizers of free radicals. This includes the powerful big three antioxidants namely Vitamin E, beta carotene, and Vitamin C.
  2. Avoid foods that are easily oxidized—chemically altered by ubiquitous oxygen that generate free radicals inside your cells, wrecking them. Examples are corn oil, margarine, dried eggs, and many processed foods.
  3. Ingest food supplements, herbs, vitamins, and other constituents that indirectly stimulate enzymes that neutralize free radicals. One good example is Broccoli, it contains Sulforaphane, a natural chemical that stimulates mechanisms that vaporize specific free radicals.


Foods Rich in AntioxidantsNow that we are aware of what’s happening inside our body, the silent but deadly bout, it’s up for us to take action.

Yes, you can now hear stories of people fighting off Cancer and other dreaded diseases using therapies. But isn’t it prevention better than cure?

So, don’t wait til it’s late.

Starting today, avoid toxins and infuse yourself with food containing antioxidants, and if you can’t get enough of these antioxidants in food, take supplements.

Again. Prevention is better than cure.

16 thoughts on “Happening Now: Antioxidants vs Free Radicals

  1. Hi
    Excellent article about cancer-causing cells and remedies to prevent.Usually, People do not realize until doctor diagnose cancer and there is no use of panicking after diagnosed. Your article gives great insight into the free radicals and how to prevent them. People are nowadays addicted to processed food which should be avoided.Therefore eating natural food is essential. Your article makes awareness about this factor.
    Thanks for your great article.

    1. Thanks for reading. It’s good to know that this article has made you aware of the importance of eating natural food rather than processed ones. I hope other get enlightened too.

  2. Good evening Gomer,

    I am happy to discover your website and read your good article about antioxidants versus free radicals.
    You state that modern foods are the culprits and cause the problems with our health. I fully agree with you as modern foods or man-made foods have hardly any natural ingredients anymore and neither the so important fiber our system needs. Modern lifestyle makes your body produce too many free radicals, bad air, bad water, too much stress, and bad food. It is quite difficult to stay healthy in these times. That is why your website is so important showing the reader the right direction.



    1. Hello Taetske,

      Thanks that you found my website helpful. 

      I don’t exactly know how these scientist invent artificial food like for example, by combining several chemical compounds they can product a substance that can taste like chicken, but in fact no real chicken in there. After consuming a pack of noodle soup that’s supposed to be for 5 persons in one eating, I noticed in the following days that there’s a lump on my arm. That made me aware something bad is happening in my body and I should avoid eating such artificial foods.

      I hope my tips here inspire others to go for natural ones.



  3. Good afternoon Gomer,

    Thank you for replying to my comment.
    It cannot be stressed enough how dangerous man-made foods are. People are getting sicker by the day and then when they go to the doctor they are given chemicals.I try to stay away from any doctors as much as possible. The only doctor I visit is my anti-aging doctor as these type of doctors prescribe natural things.

    Best wishes,

    Regards, Taetske

    1. You’re welcome.

      It is true, most doctors today never mind if what they prescribe to patients do live or kidney damage after a prolonged use. What they usually aim is to have a quick fix, resulting to jumping from one quick fix to another quick fix. End result is, damaged systems.

      We can’t avoid going to doctors, and we can’t also avoid taking their prescriptions. Maybe what we can do is, “minimize”.

  4. I really appreciate your article on anti-oxidants vs. free radicals. The outside stressors of our lives put such a drain on our internal physical resources. As we age it is so important to be aware of how we manage our stress cup. Anti-oxidants for me are the first line of defense. I also take adaptogenic herbs such as eleuthero, ashwanga and holy basil to aid my HPA axis.

    1. Oh, I only heard of them here. The Eleuthero, Ashwanga and Holy Basil. Maybe I should do a research on them as well. Thanks for sharing.

      1. The three herbs I mentioned are contained in a formula called HPA Adapt by Integrative Therapeutics. I am a 51 year old menopausal woman with lots of hormonal fluctuations that are normal for my age and stage in life. The HPA axis (hypothalmus, pituitary, adrenal) is responsible for helping to balance overall hormonal health. By targeting this axis with adaptogenic herbs better hormonal balance is achieved.

        1. Oh, I’m glad that you have these knowledge. Because, other people are your age are already prone to different kinds of illnesses. Keep taking adaptogen herbs to boost your body’s ability to adapt to stress.

  5. Hi.
    My father passed away with lymph node cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer so i have been searching about cancer’s and how they work.
    You have explained about antioxidants, so i understand about them a bit more:)
    Do you think proccessed food has a lot to do with cancer?
    What suppliments would you suggest ? as i have a condition called heamacromotos(too much iron in my blood)
    Thanks for your interesting post it has really helped:)

    1. You’re welcome, and thanks, too.. for reading. 

      I feel your sadness about the loss of your father. If only you were aware of the powerful of antioxidants and other natural anti-cancer substances, you could have averted his death. But anyway, it already happened.. and what you can do now is, to take care of yourself. 

      With your case, what I do recommend you take are food supplements that have low iron content. Check out the labels of the supplements you’re buying, and avoid preparations that that contain iron. Sometimes, it’s hard to really get rid of it, so in that case, see to it that the iron content is very minimal.

      Taking antioxidants may also prevent oxidation of those iron already in your blood into harmful substances, so consider that also.

  6. I agree that prevention is better than cure. I eat foods like blueberries, and any others high in antioxidants…Avoid sugar like the plague. Causes inflammation and other reactions that lead to free radical formation.

    I wasn’t aware about Broccoli being so effective in eradicating free radicals. I’ll have to add to my diet.

    1. Yes, please. Include Broccoli. We have it in our dishes here twice a week.

      And in times you can’t have a meal that’s loaded with antioxidants, don’t hesitate to take antioxidant supplements. This will ensure we’re winning this battle of antioxidants vs. free radicals.

  7. Great article! Food is medicine. I look at everything I put in our bodies as either medicine or poison and it helps me to make healthier choices. I also take something called Juice Plus which is dried fruits and vegetables in a capsule form, not a supplement but real food! That along with a whole food plant based diet keeps me from getting sick even though I am a preschool teacher!

    1. Thanks for your comment. You remind me of Hippocrates who said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. Our body can be compared to a doctor, it can help itself, provided we intake nutrients needed for healing and warding off free radicals and other toxins.

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