Formula Revealed: 6 Benefits Minus Garlic Breath

Garlic BreathWho likes garlic but hate what we call “garlic breath”? In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the health benefits we can get, as well as ways on how to neutralize that bad breath.

What is the use of being healthy when you’re avoided by others because of your bad breath?

So, together with the revelation of health benefits you can get from taking garlic, you will learn simple ways on how to neutralize garlic breath.

Garlic As A Wonder Drug

Garlic is one of the nature’s wonder drugs. If you want to live a more vital and longer life, feed your cells with substances found in garlic. A medicinal herb that is revered for nearly 5,000 years as a health tonic and a virtual cure-all.

Science is now beginning to understand why.

A garlic bulb is packed with at least 400 chemicals, including many antioxidants which gives it potent activity in guarding cells from damage and premature aging.

Health benefits include:

  1. Boosting immune functions.
  2. Reduces high blood cholesterol, about as much as some prescription drugs.
  3. Acts as an anticoagulant to thin your blood and discourage dangerous blood clots.
  4. Protects aging brain from mental malfunction, including memory loss, diminished thinking and learning abilities, depression, possibly dementia.
  5. Inhibits cell changes leading to cancer and helps destroy cancer cells.
  6. Suppresses general bodily deterioration stemming from free radical attacks on cells.

Raw or Cooked?

Cooked GarlicWhether you take it raw or cooked, it does’not matter because, it is better to have than none at all.

However, cooking and crushing do change garlic’s powers.

For example, raw crushed or cut garlic contains lots of allicins, the stuff that gives garlic its characteristic odor and its antibacterial traits. Cooked or deodorized garlic does not contain significant allicin and thus has little or no antibacterial or antiviral activity anymore.

Raw, or chopped garlic is the most effective form if your goal is using it as an antibacterial, according to experts.

But how will you stand having that garlic breath?

We have solutions for that, later in this article.

What About Garlic Supplements?

Garlic CapsulesIf you like garlic and you can withstand the taste and odor, then eat it raw or cooked, crushed or cut.

If you don’t like garlic, and you don’t want garlic breath, or reject garlic for other reasons, then take garlic supplements.

When we say “supplements”, they are laboratory-prepared garlic products that you can take like in capsule form at your convenience. In most aspects, garlic supplements contain the same anti aging chemicals as fresh garlic.

Garlic supplements have been widely tested in Germany, Japan, and the United States, and have been proven to have anticancer and cardiovascular benefits.

2 popular garlic supplements:

  1. Japanese Kyolic. It is an odorless liquid or dried powder, aged in alcohol and full of sulfur compounds. A lot of experts prefer it, as it has a standardized amount of one of garlic’s pharmacologically active chemicals, S-allyicysteine. But this type of garlic supplement does not contain “allicin”.
  2. German Kwai. Also, a well-tested dried garlic preparation that, unlike Japanese Kyolic, reportedly does release allicin and bases much of its health claims on allicin’s potential. Furthermore, it is coated and dissolves in the intestinal tract, rather than in stomach.

3 Scientifically Proven Ways To Neutralize Garlic Breath

First, eat raw apples.

If you cut an apple and leave it out exposed to the air, soon the color will turn into brown. That is the result of chemical reaction with an enzyme that makes the fruit not only less appealing, but it also acts as natural deodorant. It can help neutralize garlic breath.

Second, drink lemon juice.

After taking garlic supplement, drink lemon juice. The natural acid in lemon juice can neutralize the alliinase that is causing bad breath. Unless your goal for taking garlic supplement is for antibacterial or antiviral purposes, then getting rid of allicin may be a good option to avoid having garlic breath.

Third, drink green tea.

Green tea is known for containing antioxidants specifically polyphenols.

As with the enzymes in our apple example, polyphenols can neutralize the bad odor induced by allicin in garlic supplements. This is particularly helpful if you’re taking German Kwai garlic.


The health benefits outweigh the negative effects. Plus, you can get rid of that bad breath by following the suggested ways of getting rid of garlic breath.

Garlic in Gel Capsule FormIf you are suffering or bound to suffer multiple illnesses, this wonder herb can perform the tasks done by multiple drugs. Garlic’s multiple talents include antibiotics, antiviral agent, cholesterol reducer, anticoagulant, blood pressure reducer, cancer inhibitor, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory.

Think about that. It can save your liver and kidney at lot of metabolic and excretion work!

But like any other substances, you should take it in moderation. If you’re taking garlic supplements, don’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended doses.

Lastly, we just want to help.

Please do not use this article, or the suggested supplement, as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You can use it as an adjunct therapeutic substance to hasten healing.

4 thoughts on “Formula Revealed: 6 Benefits Minus Garlic Breath

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed your article. I was intrigued that the Japanese Kyolic supplement is aged in alcohol. Does this affect the chemicals involved? I also agree that garlic is very good for you, but the odor on your breath can be a deterrent. I drink water with apple cider vinegar to neutralize breath odor. Do you think this would work to combat garlic breath?

    1. That’s another good option. I did not include it in this article as I discovered a lot of people aren’t ready for taking Apple Cider Vinegar, except for a few open-minded ones. But that’s good that we’ve mentioned that here, so people will have a 4th option. Thanks!

  2. This has to be the most detailed article on garlic I’ve ever found, i feel like an expert after reading this. I never knew about the health benefits of garlic other than reducing cholesterol but they seem amazing. And prior to reading the article i didn’t know any way around garlic breath other than simply not eating garlic in the first place, i had no idea something as simple as eating apples could fix it.

    1. I’m glad that you learned something from this article about garlic and garlic breath. 

      Based on your avatar, it looks like you’re a person fond of exercise and working out. A person who frequently visits a gym. Aren’t you?

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